Guidelines & Areas Services

Areas Serviced

Broken Hill Skip Bins will service areas up to 200 kms away from Broken Hill

Conditions of Hire and Usage of Bins

In hiring a Broken Hill Skip Bin the customer hereby agrees:

  1. The placement, filing and pick-up of bins are under the direct orders and control of the customer and the customer indemnifies the owner against any loss, damage or injury as a result of the function performed.
  2. To pay the owner for any equipment lost or stolen, whilst at the customer’s premises or under his control, at the rates invoiced by the owner.
  3. To pay the owner for any damages caused to any equipment, whilst at the customer’s premises or under his control, at the rates invoiced by the owner.
  4. To pay any extra costs, caused to the owner , as a result of overloading or incorrect loading of the bin by the customer, his agent or other person(s) whilst the bin is at the customer’s premises or under his control.
  5. The owner will not accept any responsibility for any injury to person(s), or damage to property belonging to the customer or any other person, arising out of the use of the service, however such injury or damage was caused.
  6. To pay the owner at rates invoiced by the owner, for any extra costs incurred as a result of the owner or customer being ordered to remove the bin by a statutory or other authority.
  7. To ensure that any bin left unattended in a public place, is adequately covered to avoid material being dislodged, removed or blown out of the bin and will indemnify the owner against any legal actions, damages or costs which may occur or be granted against the owner.
  8. To indemnify the owner against any liability for damages caused to any driveway, pavement, path, kerbing or other surfaces as a result of the function performed.
  9. Advise the owner of the existence of any pipe, pit, cover or underground services which may be damaged whilst performing the function and to indemnify the owner against any damages to same during such performance, whether or not such advice was given to the owner.
  10. The placement of the bin to the customer’s verbal or written instructions, at the time of placement of his or her order, will constitute the customer’s acceptance of these conditions should the customer be absent from the premises at the time of delivery of the bin.
  11. Bins above 6 cubic metres cannot be used for heavy materials such as concrete, asphalt, soil etc.
  12. Any prohibited items will incur a surcharge on top of the hire fee payable by the customer if found in the bin after pickup. We do not take any prohibited items listed below:
  • NO asbestos
  • NO paints
  • NO poisons
  • NO liquids
  • NO gas bottles
  • NO batteries