1. What can I put in the Broken Hill Skip Bin?

You can place anything in the bin EXCEPT those materials prohibited by law or that pose a risk to safety and the environment (see What CAN’T I put in my Broken Hill Skip Bin?).

2. What CAN’T I put in my Broken Hill Skip Bin?

You must not place prohibited, regulated or hazardous items in the bin, such as:

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries (unless you have made special prior arrangements with us)
  • Medical Waste
  • Food Waste
  • Sharps
  • Offensive Materials (such as animal waste)
  • Explosives and fireworks
  • Hazardous Substances

Car Batteries: We do not charge extra for including batteries; however, they must be placed on top of the load, and must not be leaking.

Weight allowance of 200kg per cubic metre applies to our General Waste Bins.

3. What’s the deal with Asbestos?

Asbestos is a very dangerous product if not handled correctly, and may only be removed in accordance with current Regulations, and transported by persons with appropriate licences. You MUST NOT place asbestos in a Broken Hill Skip Bin. However householders may remove small amounts of asbestos and transport them to a licensed facility under certain circumstances. Please do not place your family or yourself at risk.

If you have asbestos to remove or transport, you should read the information provided on the following website:


We are responsible for the safety and health of our employees, asbestos illegally placed in Broken Hill Skip Bins is a very serious issue. Our skips are numbered and tracked, so we can identify the source of asbestos. We charge a minimum of $500 if we discover asbestos in a Broken Hill Skip Bin.

4. What about hazardous or toxic waste?

Local Councils provide collection facilities for pesticides, herbicides and other toxic and hazardous household chemicals. Contact your local Council to find out where and when you can safely dispose of these items.

5. What should I do with old tins of paint?

If the paint is dried and hard, you can put the tin in your Broken Hill Skip Bin. However, it if it still liquid, you could leave the top off the can and let it solidify before including it with your rubbish. If there is a lot of paint, try filling a cardboard box or other unwanted container with scrunched paper and tip the paint in to make it spread out and dry quicker. Once dry, it can be disposed of in your normal rubbish or in your Broken Hill Skip Bin. There are very reasonably priced products now on the market to solidify old paint to make it environmentally safe.

6. Can I fill the skip bin with concrete or soil – is there a weight limit?

The 6 cubic metre Broken Hill Skip Bins can be filled to the rim with concrete and there is no weight limit for these sizes. Limitations apply to larger bins so please speak with us regarding your heave materials such as concrete, bricks, soil and tiles.

7. Where will the skip be placed?

Broken Hill Skip Bin trucks and bins are especially modified to manage bin placement on driveways or lawns. We do our best to maintain access for your car.

8. Will my driveway handle the weight of a loaded truck?

Be aware that the trucks are heavy, and will be heavier when collecting full skips. We don’t want to risk damage, but if driveways are not well constructed or not built to handle heavy vehicles, you should consider alternative placement. Driveways, especially those paved with bricks or pavers leading onto soft lawns and gardens are vulnerable to damage if the truck needs to be near or cross over the edges. We cannot take any responsibility for driveway damage so please be careful when considering placement of your Broken Hill Skip Bin.

9. How much can I stack the skip bin up?

We are not allowed to carry unsafe load – so your bin must be safely stacked to the upper rim, so that is can be tied down and tarped. The contents of the skip should not be able to move in transit and must not hang over the sides.

10. What is a cubic metre?

A cubic metre is a standard unit of measurement. One cubic metre is the amount that would be held in a cube that is one metre wide by one metre high by one metre high by one metre deep.

11 How can I estimate what size skip bin I need?

To estimate the size of the skip bin you need, imagine your rubbish in a pile and then estimate its volume like this:

Length x Width x Height
= 1.8m x 1.6m x 1.3 m
= approx 3.7m
Choose a 4 cubic metre bin

Alternatively, you may be able to estimate your rubbish by trailer load:

Many customers like to use ‘trailer loads’ to estimate the size of bin required. On 6′ x 4′ trailer (loaded within legal limits and compliant with road laws) is approximately equal to one cubic metre. So if you think you have 4 trailer loads, then you probably need a 4 cubic metre Broken Hill Skip Bin.
If you are unsure speak with us. We want you to select the right bin for your job.

12. How long can I have the skip bin for?

We leave the skip bin with you over 6 nights or we can collect earlier if you wish. That is we deliver on day 1 and collect on day 7 so that you have a genuine six full days in between. This is ideal for weekend clean-ups! As a family friendly workplace, we don’t collect on Sundays (or Public Holidays) so a skip delivered on a Thursday gets and extra day free! See the table below.

Delivered on… Due for collection on…
Monday Following Monday
Tuesday Following Tuesday
Wednesday Following Wednesday
Thursday Following Thursday
Friday Following Friday
Saturday Following Saturday

13. Can I get the skip bin collected earlier?

Yes, call the free call number to arrange an earlier collection 0447 888 441. Remember, we do not collect after lunch on Saturdays, or on Sundays and Public Holidays.



14. If I want the skip bin longer, is there an additional charge?

We charge a small fee per additional day if we cannot collect after the 6th night (on day 7) due to reasons that you control (e.g. locked gates, skip inaccessible or overfilled, skip not ready).

15. Can we get a Broken Hill Skip Bin delivered on a Saturday or Sunday?

To ensure a Saturday delivery, we recommend you book by close of business on the Friday. Please also be aware that during the winter months, we may not be open every Saturday.

16. How do I pay for the bin?

We can collect payment by cash or cheque at delivery, or you can pre-pay by electronic funds transfer when placing your order. Call 0447 888 441 if you prefer to arrange payment by electronic funds transfer.